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Purified water factory

Purified Water Plant PW-5000

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Product Details

        Leke Mobile Purified Water Factory includes standard box rooms and a complete water purification system. The Leke Mobile Purified Water Factory system is widely used in applications with high integration requirements. It integrates raw water treatment systems, RO reverse osmosis filtration systems, box air purification systems, pipeline sterilization systems, pipeline return water systems, real-time water quality monitoring systems, etc. It has fully automatic, visual, intelligent, remote control, and remote water quality change alarm functions.

1. The appearance of the corrugated shell can meet the requirements of remote transportation, making transportation extremely convenient; Customizable advertising appearance.
2. Easy installation, just connect the inlet and outlet water pipes directly to the equipment to operate normally;
3. Easy to operate, the device can automatically run according to pre edited control conditions, or manually control according to user needs;
4. Flexible operation, equipment can adapt to continuous fluctuations in incoming water volume;

1. Flexible process, ready to use, suitable for various water sources, and can operate stably for a long time
2. Fully automated operation, remote networked monitoring and control, convenient operation, no need for dedicated personnel on duty
3. Flexible operation, adjustable water production according to demand, saving costs
4. Box design with small footprint and convenient movement
5. The project investment is low, only the box room foundation is needed, and the inlet and outlet water pipes can be directly connected to the equipment for normal operation
6. The operating pressure is only about 0.03Mpa, with low energy consumption
7. High pollution resistant polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane material, resistant to oxidation, easy to clean, and long service life
8. The system produces high and stable water quality

        Container water purification equipment is mainly used in various occasions with direct drinking water demand, such as hospitals, schools, troops, stations, airports, seaports, government buildings, factories, tourist attractions, scenic areas, etc.


model Water supply T/d Inlet water quality Operating pressure (MPa) Maximum quantity Overall dimensions(mm)
PW-500 3 市政水 0.3-0.45 500 3*3*2.6M
PW-2000 6 市政水 0.4-0.55 2000 3*6*2.8M
PW-5000 20 市政水 0.4-0.65 5000 3*6*2.8M
DW-2000A 6 地下水 0.4-0.55 2000 3*6*2.8M
DW-5000A 20 地下水 0.4-0.65 5000 3*6*2.8M
SMWA-30 2 地下水 0.3-0.45 30 3*12*2.8M

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