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Outdoor drinking water

Outdoor drinking water table

Outdoor drinking water table...

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Product Details

Using the outdoor water fountain in the park, lightly press the nozzle faucet of the outdoor water fountain, lean forward, align your mouth with the direction of the water column sprayed by the nozzle faucet, and lightly press the faucet to spray direct drinking water. Using an outdoor drinking water table without cups for easy access to drinking water for public transportation.
Product parameters
● Outlet faucet: 2 direct drinking water
Size: 1350 * 310 * 900mm
Material: 304 stainless steel, sturdy and durable
Sheet metal thickness: 1.2mm
Product Features
The press type faucet, without a water cup, conforms to the concept of low-carbon environmental protection.
The basin is made of 304 stainless steel imported from Japan, which will never rust.
The entire basin is stretched and shaped, with a fashionable and unique design.
Smooth edges and corners make it safer to install in public places.
All drainage pipes are hidden inside the drinking water table, with a clean and tidy appearance.
Adopting a vandalism resistant design, it is safer to use in public places.
External filter screens can be used for easy installation and safer use.
户外不锈钢直饮台rnal filter screens can be used for easy installation and safer use.

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