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Hainan handles enterprises' declaration of "zero tariff" self-use production equipment related business in the Free Trade Port

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(Reporter Wang Ziqian) The reporter learned from the Hainan Provincial Party Committee's Deep Reform Office (Office of the Free Trade Port Working Committee) on the 23rd that China (Hainan) International Trade "Single Window" Hainan Special Application Import "Zero Tariff Zone" self-use production equipment enterprise qualification declaration The functional module has been officially launched, and companies can handle "zero-tariff" self-use production equipment related businesses through the China (Hainan) international trade "single window".
The Hainan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Hainan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and Haikou Customs recently jointly issued the "Working Mechanism for the Qualification Identification of "Zero Tariff" Import Enterprises of Self-use Production Equipment in Hainan Free Trade Port", clarifying that enterprises declare to purchase "zero-tariff" self-use production equipment Process and requirements.
It is understood that independent legal entities registered in the Hainan Free Trade Port can log in to the China (Hainan) International Trade "Single Window" and conduct import "zero tariff" self-use production through the "zero-tariff zone" self-use production equipment interface in the Hainan characteristic application Equipment enterprise qualification certification declaration. After the enterprise declares, the qualification review and feedback will be conducted by multiple departments. Qualified enterprises can enjoy the preferential policy of zero-tariff policy for imported production equipment for self-use that is not on the negative list of "zero-tariff".
At the beginning of this month, the Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Customs, and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued the "Notice on the "Zero Tariff" Policy on Hainan Free Trade Port’s Self-use Production Equipment", marking the "Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port. Production equipment, the implementation of the "zero tariff" negative list management" policy officially landed.
   The Hainan Provincial Party Committee's Deep Reform Office (office by the Free Trade Port Working Committee) used theme park imported amusement equipment as an example: If a large theme park in Hainan imports amusement equipment priced at 100 million yuan from abroad, it can save 13 million yuan in taxes and fees.



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