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The reform of "two-step declaration" for imported goods covers the whole province of Hainan and optimizes the business environment at ports

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(Cui Ruikang) Haikou Customs introduced on the 24th that since Hainan’s first “two-step declaration” goods were successfully cleared in November 2019, the customs has vigorously promoted the reform of “two-step declaration” for imported goods, further optimizing the port’s business environment and enhancing trade Convenience level and overall customs clearance efficiency. At present, the reform of "two-step declaration" has achieved the coverage of the whole province of Hainan.
   "Two-step declaration" is an important customs clearance reform measure adopted by the customs to adapt to the characteristics of international trade and the needs of safety and convenience. Under the "two-step declaration" customs clearance mode, companies do not need to submit all declaration information and documents at one time. With only the main information of the bill of lading, at least 9 items can be declared to complete the "summary declaration" and pick up the goods; Complete the "Complete Declaration" within 14 days from the declaration of entry, supplementary submission of relevant information and documents required for tax collection and administration, customs statistics, etc., and complete the tax payment process as required. This mode reduces the number of imported goods due to declarations. The detention time in Hong Kong greatly improves the efficiency of customs clearance and effectively reduces the cost of enterprise customs clearance and logistics.
"The'two-step declaration' changes the original customs declaration model from'node declaration' to'process declaration', which improves the efficiency of customs clearance, which not only saves business operating costs, but also eases the pressure of customs supervision and greatly improves trade facilitation The port’s business environment has been further optimized. The average overall customs clearance time in 2020 is 6.41 hours, which is nearly 90% shorter than the overall customs clearance time for similar imported goods without the implementation of the “two-step declaration”.” Haikou Customs Regulations and Comprehensive Business Department is responsible People said.
   In order to fully promote the implementation of the "two-step declaration" reform, Haikou Customs has strengthened policy publicity and promotion by "sending policies into the enterprise" and carrying out propaganda and other methods, and has assigned special personnel to assist enterprises in solving difficult problems encountered in the declaration process in time. Since the beginning of this year, the application rate of Hainan's "two-step declaration" has reached 16.6%.



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