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Beijing Normal University laboratory school 4000 people, cleaning factory+direct drinking machine scheme

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       The original pure water machine room was not maintained in a timely manner, and some functions of the pressure and sterilization system were lost. Consumable materials such as filter materials and filter elements were put into service beyond the deadline, resulting in serious exceeding of the heavy metal content and bacterial colonies in the produced water. The terminal hot drink machine, which is an old water storage model, has a phenomenon of thousands of boiling water, which is harmful to health and the volume is too large. It is hung in the hallway and affects the passage of students, and needs to be replaced.

        More than 4000 teachers and students in the school can always have healthy and safe direct drinking water, and the terminal equipment requires practicality and aesthetics to enhance the overall image.

       DW-5000 type clean factory (main equipment installed on the south side of the cafeteria, with overall green plant painting and spraying, coordinated with the park landscape.)+wall mounted instant hot water direct drinking machine (adjustable at room temperature, 45 °, 65 °, mainly installed in grades 1-6 classes and dormitory corridors, a total of 124 units)+wall mounted instant hot water direct drinking machine (Adjustable at room temperature, 65 °, and 100 °, mainly installed in the corridors of the first to third grade classes and dormitories. A total of 154 units are installed in the director's office, principal's office, and other comprehensive offices of each grade.)+Three tap cabinet type warm water direct drinking machine (one unit is installed on each floor of the cafeteria. One unit is installed next to the north and south doors of the school, making it convenient for parents to pick up and drop off their children to drink directly)+Two disc outdoor direct drinking table (Install one device every 300 meters on the campus ring road, one device on the southeast and northwest sides of the comprehensive sports stadium, and four devices on the basketball court)

       Adopting the L&K Managed Lease Plan (10-year version), equipment consumables are regularly replaced for free, and all equipment damaged during the custody period is directly replaced for free. There is no need to purchase any equipment in the early stage, and the monthly rental fee for main equipment is only equivalent to the salary of an ordinary staff member in the school.

 Teacher and student: Hehe! Drink a few more glasses of water every day than before.

Parents: Thank you to the school leaders for sincerely caring for the healthy growth of children.
Leadership: The school management team is down-to-earth and conscientious, providing practical services for teachers and students, and the school's image has taken on a new look.




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