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A Case Study of Direct Drinking Water in Shandong Medical University Hospital

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       At present, there is a boiling water room on each floor, and inpatients rely on warm water bottles to fetch water. Due to the large number of personnel, there are often water stains in the hallway and people may slip. The hardness of tap water is too high, and the water machine has severe scale, which can sometimes block the faucet. The patient has made numerous complaints regarding this issue.

       The inpatient department building has direct drinking water, with 360 rooms on the 12th floor and each room equipped with an independent water dispenser. Each floor is equipped with a large flow boiling water dispenser. Solve the problem of scale in drinking water.

       PW-5000 mobile purified water factory+wall mounted instant hot water dispenser (one installed in each ward)+cabinet type two head warm boiled water direct drinking machine (one installed in each joint office on each floor) Cabinet type four head warm boiled water direct drinking machine (one installed in the settlement hall on the first floor)

      Adopting the L&K custody leasing plan (5-year version), equipment consumables are regularly replaced for free. During the custody period, all equipment damaged is directly replaced for free, and there is no need to purchase any equipment in the early stage. The monthly custody rental fee for all equipment is only equivalent to the monthly salary of one ordinary doctor in the unit.

     After the equipment was put into use, the overall image of the ward was improved, and patients were very satisfied. Drinking healthy water can make the body healthier.




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