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The Wanda Project Department of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau's direct drinking water and purification plant+direct drinking solution

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       The raw water is deep well groundwater, which has just been pumped out and is clear. After standing for 5 hours, the water gradually turns yellow and turbid. After testing, the content of heavy metals such as manganese and iron severely exceeded the standard, and the number of bacterial colonies exceeded the standard by more than 5 times.

        To meet the demand of over 800 personnel on the construction site for purified direct drinking water, a separate drinking water room is set up in the construction personnel area, and a water bar is set up in the office area. Direct drinking water is connected to the reception room tea table and employee kitchen.

       One PW-2000 mobile purified water factory (installed between the construction personnel area and the office area, with the main pipeline supplying water from north to south)+six head stainless steel direct drinking table (installed separately in the construction personnel canteen, dormitory drinking room, and construction area tea greenhouse)+cabinet type three head warm boiled water direct drinking machine (installed separately in the comprehensive office of the office area and the water bar room on the second floor)+wall mounted instant hot boiled water machine (one installed in each dormitory of the office area)

       Adopting the L&K custody lease plan (single year version), equipment consumables are regularly replaced for free, and all equipment damaged during the custody period is directly replaced for free. There is no need to purchase any equipment in the early stage, and the equipment custody lease fee is only equivalent to the cost of purchasing bottled water in an area of the office area before installing the equipment.

      The construction personnel on the construction site praised each other, and the overall image of the project was improved. The superior leaders inspected and stated that it could be used as a model for promotion.





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