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Ningbo Cangnan Village Committee Clean Factory+Direct Drinking Machine Plan

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      Currently, bottled water and water storage desktop water dispensers are used, and the drinking water volume in government halls and elderly activity centers is large, often lacking in water. The lack of drinking water facilities in the Cultural and Sports Plaza made it inconvenient for people to buy bottled water outside the hospital, and some group leaders had some opinions.

       Meet the direct drinking water needs of village committee members, government hall staff, party member centers, elderly activity centers, and village committee mass sports squares.

      DW-500 mobile purified water factory (installed next to the water storage tank on the roof of the office building)+cabinet type two head warm boiled water direct drinking machine (one installed in the government hall and elderly activity center respectively)+wall mounted instant heating water machine (one installed in each room in the office area)+double head garden stainless steel direct drinking table (one installed in the basketball court, sports equipment area, and dance square)

       Adopting a full purchase and lightweight custody plan (single year version), equipment consumables are regularly replaced for free, and all equipment damaged during the custody period is replaced at cost.

       In the elderly activity center, an elderly person is holding a large tea cup and drinking hot water. In the government center, a group of people who come to work are holding portable paper cups and drinking warm water. At the basketball court, a young person who is sweaty is opening a drinking tap and drinking purified pure water. Such things happen all the time, and everyone praises the good leaders in the village who do practical things for the people.




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