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Baoding People's Square Clean Factory+Outdoor Direct Drinking Pavilion Scheme

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      The purpose is to provide citizens who take their children out for leisure with safe and healthy direct drinking hot water. It is required to build a new direct drinking water pavilion, which is equipped with facilities such as a direct drinking water platform, rest bench, LED display screen, USB charging, etc., to provide citizens with a short rest and enhance their sense of honor.

       Meet the needs of citizens for outdoor sports, rest, and direct drinking water. Providing citizens with healthy drinking water while truly experiencing the improvement of quality of life in terms of convenient drinking water.

       The DW-500 mobile purified water factory (installed on the southeast side of the square) and three sets of outdoor fully functional direct drinking water booths are installed at corresponding positions in the park. The drinking water table adopts three nozzle type drinking water faucets with "two high and one low", which can be used for both adults and children to drink at the same time. Contactless induction type faucet switch to avoid cross contamination during drinking. Its independently developed and designed outdoor heating equipment can heat purified direct drinking water to 100 ℃, and then control the water temperature to around 40 ℃ through physical cooling through a heat exchanger, making it convenient for citizens to drink directly.

       Adopting a full purchase and lightweight custody plan (single year version), equipment consumables are regularly replaced for free, and all equipment damaged during the custody period is replaced at cost.

       Today, in a corner of the People's Square in Baoding City, a citizen took out a thermos and placed it close to the faucet. A warm stream of water flowed out and soon the cup was filled. It's getting cold, it's really thoughtful to take the child out and have a sip of hot water, "said Aunt Zhang, a citizen with a smile. Such things happen all the time, and everyone is praising the Baoding Municipal Government for doing practical things for the people.




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