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Cases of direct drinking water by government agencies

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       At present, the use of barreled water and desktop water dispensers has led to frequent water changes and shortages due to the large number of rooms. In addition, some office staff have been on business trips, which have caused delayed replacement of barreled water and the growth of bacteria in the water purifier, which affects health. The large amount of drinking water in the government hall often leads to a lack of water, leading to strong opinions among the group leaders.

        There are approximately 800 direct drinking water personnel in the office building, government hall, and dormitory building, with an additional requirement of 300 floating personnel for drinking water.

       DW-2000 mobile mineral water factory+wall mounted instant hot water dispenser (one installed in each office and dormitory)+cabinet type three head warm water direct drinking machine (one installed in the government hall and cafeteria) - Please refer to the design drawing for detailed ratio

       Adopting the L&K custody leasing plan (5-year version), equipment consumables are regularly replaced for free. During the custody period, all equipment damaged is directly replaced for free, and no equipment needs to be purchased in the early stage. The monthly custody rental fee for all equipment is only equivalent to the salary of one security guard in the unit.

       After the equipment was put into use, the cafeteria used purified water for cooking, and the staff were safe and assured. The office used instant boiling water machines, and there were no situations where thousands of boiling water and old-fashioned drinking water machines could breed bacteria. The daily cost now is only one-third that of buying bottled water before.



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