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Can free direct drinking water in the scenic area be consumed directly

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Free direct drinking water in scenic areas has gradually become an important facility for public outings, as people are increasingly valuing environmental protection and hoping for a better environment. However, before drinking straight water, we should consider these issues. The source and treatment method of free direct drinking water at the scenic spot drinking water table are very clear. They are usually mountain spring water or tap water, which is provided to tourists after a series of treatment facilities.
The scenic area will also regularly test direct drinking water to ensure that the quality of direct drinking water meets national standards. Therefore, from the principle of the filtration system of the direct drinking water table in the scenic area, the direct drinking water provided by the scenic area can be directly consumed.
Firstly, confirm the water quality testing status of the direct drinking water table in the scenic area. The drinking water table is a public facility that is used by a large number of tourists every day. If the scenic area cannot be cleaned in a timely manner, there will be hygiene issues. It is recommended that tourists check whether the faucet and water cup are clean before drinking straight water.
If you find that the faucet or water cup has been used by others, you should avoid drinking straight water. In addition, for tourists with gastrointestinal diseases or weak immune systems, it is recommended to drink straight water with caution. If the quality of the direct drinking water table provided by the scenic area is qualified, the facilities are in good hygiene, and the oneself is also healthy, then direct drinking water can be one of the tourism choices.
Of course, it is also important to maintain hygiene habits during the journey to ensure one's own health.



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