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Xi'an Public Place Direct Drinking Water Table Leading the Country

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In China, due to water resource pollution, the use of bottled water has become a common phenomenon. There are several issues with the use of bottled water:
(1) Barreled water has a long storage time and is prone to the growth of bacteria, so the requirements for water sources are very high;
(2) Barreled water has the potential for secondary pollution, which can easily breed bacteria, microorganisms, etc;
(3) The price of bottled water is very expensive, and some special occasions such as schools, hospitals, libraries, etc. have high requirements for water quality.
So, from the perspectives of saving water resources, reducing costs, and facilitating users, people are gradually starting to use direct drinking water.
With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the increasingly prominent problem of water shortage, many cities have begun to promote direct drinking water. In the western region of China, due to poor economic conditions, most residents boil water for drinking.
The Xi'an Municipal Government has also targeted the field of direct drinking water tables. They believe that promoting direct drinking water tables in public places has become an important measure. As the provincial capital city, Xi'an is the first to bear the brunt.
In recent years, as the Xi'an Municipal Government has increased its efforts in public environmental construction, many direct drinking water tables have been installed in the urban area. These drinking water tables generally use water purification equipment to effectively remove impurities, heavy metals, bacteria and other harmful substances in the water, ensuring the safety and hygiene of drinking water.
At the same time, these direct drinking water tables also balance practicality and aesthetics, meeting the needs of different places and populations.
In public places such as parks, squares, schools, hospitals, and shopping malls, more and more direct drinking water tables are installed around people, providing convenient and practical drinking water for them.
Of course, there are also some problems in promoting direct drinking water:
Some citizens are still not very familiar with direct drinking water
Some citizens feel that direct drinking water is too expensive
To address these issues and increase citizens' awareness and acceptance of direct drinking water. The Xi'an Municipal Government enhances citizens' awareness and acceptance of direct drinking water through various forms of publicity and education.
Through public service announcement, special reports, community lectures and other means, let the public understand the benefits and use of direct drinking water; At the same time, it also guides citizens to develop the good habit of healthy drinking water: not using plastic bottles to hold water. Additionally, some issues should be noted during use:
(1) Pay attention to cleanliness during cleaning;
(2) Pay attention to water quality and temperature;
(3) Avoid direct sunlight;
(4) Do not place water in areas where the temperature is too high or too low;
(5) Do not use water that has not been consumed for more than two days;
(6) Regularly replace the filter element or clean the water purifier;
(7) Before drinking, turn on the faucet to thoroughly clean the pipeline before drinking.
With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and health among people, direct drinking water will become an irreplaceable way of drinking water. The Xi'an Municipal Government will continue to increase the promotion of direct drinking water platforms to benefit more citizens. At the same time, we hope that the general public can actively participate in this environmental action and jointly create a better city and living environment.
Xi'an Direct Drinking Water Facility is a new type of public drinking water facility installed in various public places in the city, providing free drinking water for citizens. It adopts high-end filtration technology to ensure the health and safety of drinking water. The direct drinking water table is a very convenient, practical, and fast way of drinking water. Simply press the button to easily obtain clean and healthy drinking water.
To ensure the safety and stability of water quality during the use of direct drinking water facilities, Xi'an has conducted regular testing and maintenance of water sources and treatment equipment, and has carefully designed and planned the direct drinking water table. In order to ensure that citizens have safe and clean direct drinking water, Xi'an has also hired experts to design and plan direct drinking water facilities to ensure that citizens can enjoy the highest quality, healthiest, and safest direct drinking water.
Citizens should maintain hygiene and standardized use when using direct drinking water facilities
It is understood that in addition to installing direct drinking water tables in public places such as large supermarkets, shopping malls, and hotels, the Xi'an Municipal Government has also launched direct drinking water tables in public places to provide free and healthy drinking water for citizens. The water source of these drinking fountains comes from deep groundwater, which has undergone multiple filtration and disinfection treatments to ensure the purity and health of the water quality.
Xi'an City has also carefully designed and planned the direct drinking water table. Guardrails and fences have been set up around the drinking fountain to ensure that citizens will not be contaminated during use. At the same time, lighting systems, cameras and other equipment have been installed around the drinking water dispenser to ensure that citizens can easily observe the situation around the dispenser.
Firstly, use a cup to collect water and avoid directly touching the faucet or outlet with your mouth. If there is a problem with the water, it is necessary to replace or clean it in a timely manner.
At the same time, citizens should also enhance their hygiene awareness, consciously maintain environmental hygiene and cleanliness, and jointly create a healthy and safe drinking water environment. The direct drinking water table in public places in Xi'an provides citizens with more convenient, safe, hygienic, and healthy drinking water choices. With its efficient filtration and purification technology, high-quality water quality, and humanized services, it has made positive contributions to promoting the construction of a healthy China.



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