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Large scale installation of direct drinking water stations in famous tourist attraction in Yunnan

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In recent years, with the increasing emphasis on environmental protection in China, various parts of the country have been extensively carrying out the construction and renovation of urban green and environmentally friendly public infrastructure. As a green and environmentally friendly public infrastructure, outdoor drinking water platforms are increasingly being paid attention to and used by society.
Yunnan municipal administration department has implemented the public welfare project of direct drinking water in tourist attraction of big cities, which has been put into use in the project. This project selects four densely populated public places such as parks, squares, and scenic spots as the first batch of pilot projects, with a total of five large city drinking water booths set up. At present, four direct drinking water stations have been put into use in well-known tourist attraction in Yunnan, including Kunming Dianchi National Tourist Resort, Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Spot, Dali Erhai Scenic Spot, and Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture.
The construction of outdoor drinking water platforms and booths in the scenic area provides free direct drinking water. The outdoor drinking water table adopts a 304 stainless steel casing integrated design, with a novel and beautiful appearance, small space occupation, and a humanized design of the water basin to avoid water splashing, suitable for use by people of different heights. Direct drinking water stations provide drinking water and public infrastructure (including urban roads, bridges, public toilets, parking lots, road traffic signs, street lighting, etc.). Urban and rural residents and tourists can rest and charge their mobile phone batteries for a short period of time. The installation of an outdoor direct drinking water table solves the problem of difficulty in drinking water during travel and outdoor sports, reflecting the temperature in big cities. The direct drinking water station will control water quality and carry out comprehensive and comprehensive post maintenance in various aspects. In the future, more direct drinking booths will be added in public places to provide more convenience for urban and rural residents and tourists.



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